Runners Laughing

Us runners are a strange breed and this is most evident when you’re speaking with someone who isn’t a runner. Here are some hilarious things that only runners say that makes zero sense to everyone else!

10 Reasons to Start Running

Runner on a path

Are you thinking about taking your first steps towards becoming a runner? Here are all of the benefits that come along with running!

What Runners Should Eat While Training for a Race

Fruit Assortment

Preparing to run a race is so much more than just logging miles. Your diet also needs to be up to speed. Reference this go-to guide to nutrition for runners, including what to eat and drink leading up to the big day.

How to Find Your Running Community

Running Sunset

For many runners, one of the greatest joys of the sport is belonging to a running community. Running friends give us motivation and encouragement. So if you’re new to running or moving to a new town, how do you find your people?

4 Springtime Obstacles You Might “Run” Into This Season

Spring Sunset

Spring is a really fun time to run. It’s getting warmer outside, the sun calls to you to get out on the road. But with springtime, there comes a few “road” hazards. Here are 4 things keeping me on my toes during the spring months.